Michelle’s Daily Bread

What is it with girls telling the world how much they’ve eaten that day? Either girls think guys find it interesting or these girls just have absolutely nothing else to say and they just need to talk. I seriously wonder how many guys out there have to sit in their seats and bore away with the long lists that girls lay before them. Maybe, I’m the only one out there that ends up hearing this nonsense. Am I the only one??? Anyways, the following is an example of a list made by a girl that loves to talk about her diet. Let’s analyze:

(Notice how many times she eats cereal in a day)


salad: egg, olive, tomato, mushroom, cucumber, tofu, cauliflower, dry mushroom, Asian sesame dressing, spinach, mixed lettuce

4 cups of cereal: Lucky Charms, Honey-Nut Cheerios, regular Cheerios, Special K with strawberries

1 cup of coffee


raisin bread

3 more cups of cereal

Plate of salad: red peppers, tofu, and olives, lettuce,

3 sweet potatoes

2 raisin breads: toasted

3 Hershey kisses

3 pieces of cornbread

3 spoons of chocolate cake


Sandwich: whole wheat bread, honey mustard, lettuce tomato, turkey toasted

1 grapefruit

2 oranges

1 chai tea

milk with shredded oats cereal

more cereal: puffins, honey nut cheerios, lucky charms, life, special K,

..to understate how many cups of cereal she’s eaten, I would say about 10 cups. Now that’s still ALOT of cereal.

Dear Michelle,

Just Kidding. As much as I complain about your dang lists, I really do enjoy them. See ya =)

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9 Comments on “Michelle’s Daily Bread”

  1. ohddd Says:

    i actaully see some variety up there, i thought all she ate was raisin bread.

  2. Sarah Says:

    HAHAHA oh michelle. how does she even remember all of that?! judging from her nonexistent weight gain though, maybe cereal will be the new diet fad of 2009

  3. Peter Nguyen Says:

    No, Dan. You’re not alone. I’ve been there
    too. Actually, I go through it everyday..
    every freaking day.

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    i’ve read a lot of those…mostly from girls suffering from anorexia or obesity. the lists are supposed to help keep track of what they eat so they either feel guity realizing how much they ate, or satisfied that they ate so little.
    buttttt i don’t know about michelle…she’s already so thin!! gooooodness.

  5. dearskye Says:

    hahaha i don’t even remember what i eat. and elizabeth is right… i normally see those on anorexic girl’s xangas. back in the day. hahaha

  6. dearskye Says:

    wait . dearskye = christal

  7. sevenonmyside Says:

    btw dan, how can i add you to my blogroll? i’m so confused and noob-ed out by this… đŸ˜¦

  8. sevenonmyside Says:

    nevermind, i just got it…lol
    btw cereal never tasted so good until i came to college i think….

  9. elias Says:

    wow dan, your entries are so deep. except this one.

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