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Alone Together

February 15, 2009

“Just as I shall lie alone in the grave, so, in essence, do I live alone.” –Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860-1904)

When I was younger my parents would always tell me, you’re only going to go as far as your willing to. No one is there to help you reach anywhere, and success follows according to your own doings. Every now and then, I hear someone say, “It’s all about connections.” If that really is the case, then success is defined by our opportunities of luck presented in life. Maybe, the real answer is a combination of both theories; determination and luck, joint together.

Whichever the answer is, I’ve concluded that at the end of our lives we’re going to realize that everything we have, or don’t have is because of ourselves. You can skim through the long list of friends you have on facebook and say some of them will be there for you no matter what life throws at you. But, for how long will they “have your back?” and how far are they willing to go out of their way? At some point, the great bond the two of you share reaches a peak, a dead end, where a situation presents itself and that person can no longer be there for you. Truly, we are all alone in this world. We are alone together.

People freely use the term “best friends forever” or say that “were not like other people, we’re going to last.” Even when you think two people are bonded by the seal of history and experiences, we come to realize that any and all relationships are fragile. Time goes on to prove that friends disappear, loved ones pass away, and lovers break-up. Think about the important people of your life, and ask “how much time do I have left with this person?” The grandfather clock ticks away and before you know it, that person is gone.

As I write this entry, I could only think of one bond that can never be broken. Possibly the only unbreakable bond is the bond of God and the believer. However, that relationship seems like a one-way street. The believer prays to God, speaks to God, and worships God, but God answers in ways that aren’t apparent to the believer, even impossible to understand.

Referring back to human to human connections, none is lasting. There are no groups, parties, races, or societies, only individuals. As individuals we decide what we do and who we become. What I’m really trying to say is that, maybe I have prioritized my life in all the wrong ways. Til now, I have invested so much time and energy into bonds that will most likely fade away. Perhaps, success can only be achieved by living for one’s self only. It’s a terrible way to view life, but it’s realistic.